Monday, August 1, 2016

One last time

August 1, 2016

Hello for the very last time! (over email)

Man has the mission been great. Over the course of my mission I've beat myself up for times where I would make mistakes and not do everything in my power to be the BEST missionary, but when I was praying last night, I kinda stopped feeling the Spirit. Because I was talking to our Father in Heaven about how I could have done so much more to be better. And I think many of us think that way. That we want to do great things and serve and accomplish so many things in the ways others do, but making mistakes is how we grow. It's how we become, change, and repent. That is how we can come to know the Savior more, is from our weakness. ETHER 12:27. 

One of the sisters has told me recently that I need to stop beating myself up and be happy with the work and effort that I have put into being a missionary. No one can be perfect. Back to my story, as I was thinking about that, and how I need to be happy with what I've done, I felt this overwhelming love from Heavenly Father. I know that I am not perfect and that I cannot be perfect, but I also know that I have served the Lord and that He is happy with my effort. 

Guys, we cannot be perfect. We are called to the work to change. Some of us are called to baptize nations on their missions, but I know that what the Lord needed me to learn and accomplish on my mission, I have done. Just as my dad told me last week, "my mission was the personal foundation of my testimony." The Lord knew what I needed in my life and being called to the California Riverside Mission for 18 months was what I needed. I am so grateful for that and for what I have learned. I have met my best friends on my mission. God really is so good. 

Keep the faith, those that are still serving! God has a plan!!

I'll see the rest of y'all in UTAH!!!!

Love, Sister Cozzens

Sister Cozzens' district. All three sisters were her 
companions during her mission. 

"The sign is great, though I'm pretty sure
 they haven't found Christ's restored Gospel." 

The Sisters caught a baby lizard!

Sister Cozzens' good friend Addisun

The best Ward Mission Leader and his adorable 
family-the Welches

Sister Rodriguez and Sister Cozzens-one last photo!

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