Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A Glorious White Weekend

April 18, 2016

Why, hello there!

What a fantabulous week! Lake got baptized, and it was a wonderful baptism! I am so grateful to be a part of God's work and to be an instrument in His hands! 

Sister Brandon (Lake's mom), Lake, Brother Plewe, 
Sister Cozzens and Sister Bedingfield

Tuesday night, I had a crazy dream about a zombie apocalypse, and it was just super scary. When I woke up, my body hurt and I was soooo tired. I thought it was just from that dumb dream, so we went walking for our morning exercise! But, when we got back to the apartment, I went to go sit on my bed, because everything hurt, and I was so tired. I just laid there, because I didn't want to move or get ready. Throughout the first 3 hours of the day, it got worse, and I knew I wasn't going to be able to work! I needed sleep. I was super sad, because I didn't want to cancel any of our appointments, but my body literally felt like I had gotten hit by a few cars. So, Sister Mullen had me stay in. I slept all day long, thank goodness I didn't throw up, but a little bit of Gatorade and sleep was what I needed! We had exchanges planned for that night with Sister Turner in Eastvale, so I needed to rest up. I felt a whole lot better by 6 o'clock, so we decided to exchange!

I went to Eastvale with my hija (daughter), Sister Turner!!!! :) I love her so much, and it was so good to be reunited again!! I am going to copy and paste a story (that Sister Turner wrote in her email, about us walking) :

"Sister Cozzens and I were walking, and we saw a woman sweeping her front porch. We start talking to her, and we have this wonderful conversation about how wonderful our Savior is and how He's our rock. We invited her to watch the Hallelujah video, and she said to come by in a few minutes. We walk around the corner and then swiftly head right back to her house. She finishes up sweeping and says, "Would you two like to come inside?" She invites us in, and we sit down in her front room. We get to know one another, and we start with a prayer. As she's watching the video, I could feel the Spirit. She testified to us that she knows Christ lives. And then she said, "I know that the Lord guided me to be outside, at the same time you walked down my street. I know that He wanted me to hear your message." The Spirit testified to me that what she said was true. We sat there in awe for a few moments and then set a return appointment with her."

I love Sister Turner so stinking much!!!!!!!!


"I love Indian food!"

Oh! I forgot to mention, I was fine after Tuesday! It was weird!! I went on exchanges on Saturday with Sister Lineback! Let me tell you, she is fantastic. She is so down to earth and real. We had such a fun day together, and we worked so hard! We made a goal of picking up 4 new investigators and guess what happened?? We picked up 4 new investigators, three of which are families!!! God is so good! Sister Lineback is just herself when she teaches and talks to people, and my robot teaching voice was gone all day! I learned so much from her, and I love her to pieces!

Mosiah 2:41 -go look it up.

Have a wonderful week! :)
Love, Sister Cozzens

Hermana Cramer, Sister Cozzens, Sister Turner, and
Sister da Silva

Zone Conferences last week

Sister Cozzens' Zone

Eating lunch during a multi-zone conference

Sisters Bedingfield and Cozzens, taken 
by a member who had just had dinner 
with them.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Follow Divine Direction From Our Father In Heaven

Hi there!

We had another great week! We saw Lake a couple of times, last week, and were able to teach him a few lessons (of course, that's what we do!)! One of them was the Law of Chastity! We, of course, teach it so that he is able to understand it and so there isn't too much information for a 9 year old... But, let me tell you, that kid is so awesome! I am so grateful for the Law of Chastity and that the Lord has given us boundaries, to keep us and our future families out of the world. The Spirit was so strong, as we taught it. Man guys, teaching by the Spirit! It's so good! 

Lake and his Mom

This week, we  have multi-zones! Woo! A few missionaries, in our zone, are singing "Savior, Redeemer of My Soul," and I am singing first soprano! Ah, it's going to be great! I just hope the Spirit is there! 

Oh! I just remembered a really cool experience! So, Thursday, I went to MLC (Missionary Leadership Council). While at MLC, they trained a lot on promptings from the Holy Ghost and how important it is to follow those promptings. The AP's shared several experiences, where they didn't follow the Spirit the first prompting, but followed it later, and they ended up needing to be there and being an instrument in the Lord's hands. 

We've been asked to try members in the evening and share a short and powerful lesson with them, but, Thursday night, we couldn't think of anyone else to go visit (the first member we tried wasn't home). Our plans, for 8:00, were to go contact a referral that lived nearby. I was kind of hesitant to go and try him, but, we went anyway! When we got there, the lights were on inside (I thought to myself, "Score, he's awake"), so, I wasn't as nervous to go try him. As we walked up to the door, we could hear him talking to someone on the phone, kind of loudly. He was in a different room. We knocked twice, and I knew that he was awake, so, I went ahead and rang the doorbell. He yelled from the other room, "Who is it??" I said as loudly and happily as I could (trying not to sound nervous), "The missionaries!!" He came to the door, and his metal screen door was between us, so I couldn't really see him or his expression.  I just jumped in and told him that we were the missionaries in the neighborhood. He interrupted me and told me that he was already a Christian, that his mom had passed away, and that he didn't want or need to hear a message. He turned around and walked away, leaving us standing there. We went back to our car, and, as I looked back at the door, I realized that we hadn't even been able to invite him! Then, I heard my own conscience, the Spirit, tell me to go back. At first, I was like, "Eh... Is that the Spirit??" I asked Sister Bedingfield, if we should go back, and she said, "No," that he wouldn't be receptive. But, I could not get it out of my mind, and I knew that we needed to go back. So, I built up my courage and prayed for strength! I knocked a couple of times, at first quietly. He didn't come to the door, so, I pulled out a Plan of Salvation pamphlet and began writing on it, as he came around the corner. He was a little startled that we were still standing there. I told him I felt that I should come back to talk to him. We ended up sharing the video with him, telling him that the messages we share will bring him closer to Christ, AND answer his questions and bring him comfort. He said that we could come back, too! 

Follow the promptings from the Spirit, no matter how scary or weird they may look to the world, do it. The Lord needs us to be instruments in his hands. The Spirit will be there to lift you and give you courage, as you act on those promptings. 

Sister Cozzens

Maren (a girl from the ward) and Sister 
Cozzens decided to dress alike for church.
"Maren is the best!"

The Sisters decided to go tracting, when it
was raining super hard

Thursday, April 7, 2016

General Conference was GREAT!

April 4, 2016

Hi there!

How did you feel about General Conference?? What did you learn? I mostly just want the Ensign to come, so that I can read them all again!
We had another great week! The Lord has been blessing us so much! I feel like I should be going crazy and be stressed all the time, by how many lessons we've had and are having. But, I know that Christ's atonement is carrying us. He's enabling us to do His work, and I am beyond grateful for that.

UPDATE: I emailed President Mullen last week, in my weekly email to him, how I was a little sad about not training Sister Nai (the Sister from Australia who was waiting for her Visa). He called me later that week and told me that she had already been trained in Australia, since she started her mission a couple of transfers ago. So, she didn't need to be trained, and that is why Sister Bedingfield and I are still together, so that I can finish her training! You know what is another huge blessing?? I am Sister Nai's STL!!!! We get to go on exchanges, and I am soooo excited!! I am also Sister Turner's STL, my other daughter!!! She is serving in Eastvale, my first area!
Our investigator, Lake, is really progressing, and we are really excited for April 16th. We have a few other investigators, who we need to make more of a priority, in dropping by and following up with their commitments.
Well, other things happened this week, and they are recorded in my journal! I would tell y'all all about everything, if there was more time! Have a great week!

Sister Cozzens

Sister Bedingfield, Sister Cozzens, Hermana Cramer
(STL companion), Hermana Emerson, and Hermana
Stone during Saturday's Conference Session

The Sisters' car was making a weird noise, so they 
hung out at the mission office with Sister Just.

Photo for Sister Garlitz, Sister Cozzens' 
previous companion, who loves rose petals.