Thursday, April 7, 2016

General Conference was GREAT!

April 4, 2016

Hi there!

How did you feel about General Conference?? What did you learn? I mostly just want the Ensign to come, so that I can read them all again!
We had another great week! The Lord has been blessing us so much! I feel like I should be going crazy and be stressed all the time, by how many lessons we've had and are having. But, I know that Christ's atonement is carrying us. He's enabling us to do His work, and I am beyond grateful for that.

UPDATE: I emailed President Mullen last week, in my weekly email to him, how I was a little sad about not training Sister Nai (the Sister from Australia who was waiting for her Visa). He called me later that week and told me that she had already been trained in Australia, since she started her mission a couple of transfers ago. So, she didn't need to be trained, and that is why Sister Bedingfield and I are still together, so that I can finish her training! You know what is another huge blessing?? I am Sister Nai's STL!!!! We get to go on exchanges, and I am soooo excited!! I am also Sister Turner's STL, my other daughter!!! She is serving in Eastvale, my first area!
Our investigator, Lake, is really progressing, and we are really excited for April 16th. We have a few other investigators, who we need to make more of a priority, in dropping by and following up with their commitments.
Well, other things happened this week, and they are recorded in my journal! I would tell y'all all about everything, if there was more time! Have a great week!

Sister Cozzens

Sister Bedingfield, Sister Cozzens, Hermana Cramer
(STL companion), Hermana Emerson, and Hermana
Stone during Saturday's Conference Session

The Sisters' car was making a weird noise, so they 
hung out at the mission office with Sister Just.

Photo for Sister Garlitz, Sister Cozzens' 
previous companion, who loves rose petals.

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