Wednesday, September 23, 2015


September 21, 2015

Aloha!  (I need a new way of greeting y'all)

Sooooooo, I had an interesting week! They put what is called a Tiwi in our cars. I'll send pictures. It talks to you when you drive. I have a card that I have to log in with or else every 1/4 mile is says "NO DRIVER," and if I go over the speed limit it says "CHECK YOUR SPEED", I have 6 seconds to go down to the posted speed limit or else it'll send something to the fleet coordinator and mission president, saying that I did whatever I did. If I turn, stop, or accelerate too fast, it says "AGGRESSIVE DRIVING". It also says "AGGRESSIVE DRIVING", if the car leaves the ground. ALSO, if I go over 90 mph, it sends something directly to the president fleet coordinator for the whole church, which I would never do! Woohoo! It has a GPS, which is plugged into the car, and it can tell when I unplug it.  Our mission president will be notified if that happens.

We actually thought that the voice was turned off, because it hadn't yelled at me for the first couple of days. I called the fleet coordinator (Elder Puskas) and he told me that it should be on. Then we were driving to the adult session of stake conference, and it said "CHECK YOUR SPEED". And we were all like: "It works!!!" I am a good driver. *Knock on wood,* and I am humble!

We got new phones! They are blue! They switched over to AT&T instead of Sprint, thank goodness. It's just a slider phone, no biggie. 

I GOT SHOT, with a little shot from Walgreens. I got a flu shot. Our mission president REALLY encouraged us to get them, because if we got the flu, we could be out of work from 14-20 days, doing nothing. I got one. 

We have been blessed with a blessing! Her name is Janet! We saw her 3 times last week and she really is amazing. She has been so prepared. She is so sweet, she's reading the Book of Mormon and praying a little bit! There was a mix up for church, otherwise she would have come! She was sad that she missed it! Next week! She accepted a baptismal date for October 11th, and I am confident that she can make it. Everyone that we teach has their own personal challenges and concerns, but as she reads the Book of Mormon, prays, attends church, and turns to Christ, she can and will overcome her trials!  

My companion just revealed this to me. I was praying before we were planning, and it is always good to say specific prayers. I was praying to find a specific amount of people today, and the word 'four' came out of my mouth. I was so surprised. My companion and I hadn't even discussed a goal for how many people we wanted to find. Then later, I prayed for 6, because I was like "Why not?! I have sufficient faith." We didn't find anyone in our area that day... But it just came to my realization, Sister Turner told me, that we were blitzing (our whole zone goes into one area and talks to people and invites them to hear more about the Restored Gospel).
We actually found 6 people for the other sisters to go and see! God works in mysterious ways! Every prayer that we say never goes unanswered.  

I have come to a realization that I am hitting my nine month mark in a couple of weeks. I almost start crying, whenever I think about it. I can't talk about it, not only because I'll cry, but my companion will ask why, and she is brand new to the mission. Time is going by way to fast, and it's nice in the moment, because the mission is hard! But I love it so much, and I don't want it to end. I know that I have tons of time still left on the mission. But still, I just love my mission so much. I love the people here so much. I love the missionaries. I love my mission president and his wife. I can't even describe the love that I have for them and the mission. Like a Godly love (maybe charity, IDK). I JUST LOVE IT, AND I NEVER WANT TO LEAVE. It's kind of how I feel about my family! I love you all so much! I am so happy that we are sealed together for time and all eternity and I pray that we will all make the right choices so that we can all live in the Celestial Kingdom together with our Father in Heaven. 

If any of you are doubting to serve a mission, don't doubt, pray. Just do it, #nikeitup. It really is the life! I never want to leave. I LOVE my mission. 

I know that Christ lives. He is our Savior and Redeemer. Only through him can we make it back to our Father in Heaven. I love my Savior and elder brother, Jesus Christ, and I am beyond excited to see Him again one day. I just want to hug Him and do all that I can to repay him. He is amazing. Just convert yourselves to him!! Be exactly obedient! Don't be of the world. Heavenly Father is in charge not Satan. Who should we follow? Jesus Christ. Our whole purpose is to come unto Christ and make those covenants (baptism and the other ordinances in the temple). We are trying to become like our Father in Heaven, and we need to make those covenants. "Organize yourselves; prepare every needful thing." D&C 88:119

I love to see the temple. Prepare to go there someday! Take advantage of them! You literally live less than 20 minutes from one. I would go all the time if I could, and I will after the mission. 

 -Sister Cozzens

Tiwi, the Sister's new car toy
Flu shot
"I love my companion"
"We found this during the blitz. I was too
scared to pick it up, so Sister Turner did"
(this is her hand).

Missionary Work is Great!

September, 14, 2015

I am not being sarcastic. Missionary work really is great! Bearing testimony to you AND to God's children here in California brings so much peace to me! Man, I sound like a missionary on a mission! WHAT?! It is normal guys.

We picked up two new investigators-Janet and Robert (separate people, obviously)!! No one came to church, but you know what?? That's okay. They have their agency (which sucks sometimes), and we will keep working with them, so they use their agency in the best way! They were miracles! Thank you for your prayers and fasting (if you fasted and prayed for us and the work-we appreciate it!)

I went on exchanges with my mission sista! Sista Springer! She is so funny. I was laughing all day. We knocked on a lot of doors, and people didn't open them. Sometimes we all have days like that! Prayers aren't answered, but keep your head up! Do everything and according to God's will and time, they will be answered!

We went hiking this morning for p-day. It was fun! We couldn't find  the trail (plus we were too lazy to look for it) so we scaled strait down the rocks/hill/mountain. I scratched my leg a little bit. It was fun! We've got a great bunch of missionaries.

So, I am going to write about this, because I want to record it for my future, when I am unable to  remember the little details of my mission. We plan for our day the night before, right? And we have this really detailed way of doing it. It's called 401 planning. Where we have a whiteboard with people's names, I'll send a picture so you can see what it looks like. It's great! It actually is though! It is nice feeling prepared and if we didn't plan, I'd probably go crazy. That includes our personal and companion study. We roleplay (pretend we are investigators and members and teach one another). We make specific plans about what questions to ask and such. But, there is room for the Spirit to jump in and tell us what we need to say, of course.

Example (in a lesson): We taught Marc and Rebecca a couple of weeks ago. We planned to teach about Joseph Smith and the priesthood. Teaching by the Spirit is so cool. My heart usually starts pounding, and I know that I need to talk and say what is being put into my mind. We brought up baptism and that it is necessary to be baptized by that restored priesthood authority. We promised Marc, that as he continues to read, pray, and come to church, that he would receive his answers. He seemed a little worried about us just wanting to baptize him (not true!) So I said to him, "Marc, we want you to be converted to the Lord. To know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the only true church on the earth today and to have a testimony of it." And the only way to receive that is through DILIGENT scripture study, prayer, and church, as well as keeping ourselves worthy of the Holy Ghost (keeping the commandments). The Spirit was so strong. It's amazing how the Spirit works.

Are you converted to the Lord? Listen to Elder Holland's talk: The First Great Commandment (listen to it-don’t read) and President Ezra Taft Benson's talk: The Great Commandment-Love the Lord. THESE ARE THE BEST TALKS EVER. But really, are you converted? What more can you do? We are here to become like Jesus Christ: Our Savior, Redeemer, Master, Messiah, and example.
-Sister Cozzens

The whiteboard used for 401 planning
On an exchange with Sister Springer
Sisters Turner and Cozzens in the beautiful
California orchards: "Our area is gorgeous!"
Sisters Roberts, Da Silva, Turner and Cozzens-
all ready for church!
A rainy day in Hemet
Mold above the shower (lovely)

"I scratched my leg"

Hiking with a great bunch of missionaries

More hiking photos...

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Kind of Slow, But Always Fun...

September 7, 2015

Hi there!
We had a hard week. It was pretty slow, and I am sure that we are working hard. I've prayed to know how I can work harder. We only taught 9 lessons this week. I wasn't in my area for two of the days, because of exchanges and MLC (missionary leadership council). But Sister Roberts and Turner were in the area, and I know that they worked hard! We will have a better week this week! We track their progress on progress records and other records. To count a lesson as a lesson there needs to be: opening and closing prayers, a principle taught from Preach My Gospel, and a commitment.

Being companions with Sister Turner just makes everything so much fun. When it is hot, the work is slow, and you feel like you aren't doing anything, but we still laugh and have a blast.

Okay, Sister Turner is amazing. She makes training easy! She knows how to teach! She loves the gospel! She has such a strong desire to work, AND she is amazing with kids. Oh, how they love her. I just feel like I need to get down to their level more, be more silly, and probably loosen up.
I've also been thinking about how I can become more converted to the Lord, love the work even more and see more success in my area! Maybe I just need to be patient, I'm not sure. But we will see success, as we continue to work hard with all of our heart, might, mind, and strength. 2 Ne 31:20, "Feast upon the word!" The Church is true! If you aren't happy, change it. Live the gospel and love the Lord. John 14:15.
I'm pretty sure that I keep using the same scriptures. That's okay. The scriptures are great!!!!!

-Sister Cozzens
Missionary Leadership Council

Sisters Turner and Cozzens

Beautiful Sister Missionaries: Roberts, Turner,
Da Silva and Cozzens

Thursday, September 3, 2015

My Companion is Adorable

Aug. 31, 2015
Hi again!
Another week! A busy week! I hung out with a different sister, Sister Buhler, because she is also training! We hung out from Monday-Wednesday, until I got my new companion, Sister Turner! She is from Texas! She is such a great missionary and always happy! I just love her tons! When we walk and talk to people she says, "Hello, good afternoon,"  with a huge smile on her face. I can tell how much she loves the work!

Our investigator, Marc, came to church! He left early for some reason...We need to call him and ask how he's doing. We set expectations very boldly, but not overbearing, don't worry. There was love in it and the Spirit was there. He was worried that we were going to push him into baptism without being prepared, but we corrected that. He is going to be fully prepared! We are here to help prepare him after all. He's great!

I still love the mission! Probably just more! Jesus Christ is so important. He is our example. We need to develop Christ-like attributes so that "It can be well with us." (Moroni 7:47) Ask Heavenly Father for help. I promise that He will help you as you strive to become more like him. We need to develop those attributes to become like our Father in Heaven. I invite you to do so!
-Sister Cozzens

 New companion, Sister Turner.


 Temperature reading from the Sisters' car.

 Sister Cozzens made jello for breakfast,
 "Breakfast for Champions!"
 The dryer smells funny in the apartment, so the Sisters hang
all of their clothes to air dry.


Letter to Dad and Mom

August 31, 2015
Hi Mom and Dad!
My companion's name is Sister Turner! She is from El Paso, Texas! She is so darn cute. We had a busy week! I'll tell you more about that in my bigger email for everyone else!

I wanted to thank you for EVERYTHING. Thanks for your amazing example of always holding scripture study and family prayer. The gospel keeps families together. It does! Keep holding out strong, just like in (I think) Elder Nielson's talk, everything will work out with patience and love. The church is so important! It's our whole purpose here on earth, and to gain experience and knowledge. BUT don't let the distractions of the world get in the way of the most important thing, eternal salvation.
You two are such great examples of that. Going on missions probably helped you guys to be able to communicate. Thanks for your love for each other. I am excited to live with you two FOREVER. I hope that you're excited too! :)

Love you!!!!!!!!
-Sister Cozzens

Surprise! Sister Cozzens got 3-5 inches cut off of her hair.