Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Missionary Work is Great!

September, 14, 2015

I am not being sarcastic. Missionary work really is great! Bearing testimony to you AND to God's children here in California brings so much peace to me! Man, I sound like a missionary on a mission! WHAT?! It is normal guys.

We picked up two new investigators-Janet and Robert (separate people, obviously)!! No one came to church, but you know what?? That's okay. They have their agency (which sucks sometimes), and we will keep working with them, so they use their agency in the best way! They were miracles! Thank you for your prayers and fasting (if you fasted and prayed for us and the work-we appreciate it!)

I went on exchanges with my mission sista! Sista Springer! She is so funny. I was laughing all day. We knocked on a lot of doors, and people didn't open them. Sometimes we all have days like that! Prayers aren't answered, but keep your head up! Do everything and according to God's will and time, they will be answered!

We went hiking this morning for p-day. It was fun! We couldn't find  the trail (plus we were too lazy to look for it) so we scaled strait down the rocks/hill/mountain. I scratched my leg a little bit. It was fun! We've got a great bunch of missionaries.

So, I am going to write about this, because I want to record it for my future, when I am unable to  remember the little details of my mission. We plan for our day the night before, right? And we have this really detailed way of doing it. It's called 401 planning. Where we have a whiteboard with people's names, I'll send a picture so you can see what it looks like. It's great! It actually is though! It is nice feeling prepared and if we didn't plan, I'd probably go crazy. That includes our personal and companion study. We roleplay (pretend we are investigators and members and teach one another). We make specific plans about what questions to ask and such. But, there is room for the Spirit to jump in and tell us what we need to say, of course.

Example (in a lesson): We taught Marc and Rebecca a couple of weeks ago. We planned to teach about Joseph Smith and the priesthood. Teaching by the Spirit is so cool. My heart usually starts pounding, and I know that I need to talk and say what is being put into my mind. We brought up baptism and that it is necessary to be baptized by that restored priesthood authority. We promised Marc, that as he continues to read, pray, and come to church, that he would receive his answers. He seemed a little worried about us just wanting to baptize him (not true!) So I said to him, "Marc, we want you to be converted to the Lord. To know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the only true church on the earth today and to have a testimony of it." And the only way to receive that is through DILIGENT scripture study, prayer, and church, as well as keeping ourselves worthy of the Holy Ghost (keeping the commandments). The Spirit was so strong. It's amazing how the Spirit works.

Are you converted to the Lord? Listen to Elder Holland's talk: The First Great Commandment (listen to it-don’t read) and President Ezra Taft Benson's talk: The Great Commandment-Love the Lord. THESE ARE THE BEST TALKS EVER. But really, are you converted? What more can you do? We are here to become like Jesus Christ: Our Savior, Redeemer, Master, Messiah, and example.
-Sister Cozzens

The whiteboard used for 401 planning
On an exchange with Sister Springer
Sisters Turner and Cozzens in the beautiful
California orchards: "Our area is gorgeous!"
Sisters Roberts, Da Silva, Turner and Cozzens-
all ready for church!
A rainy day in Hemet
Mold above the shower (lovely)

"I scratched my leg"

Hiking with a great bunch of missionaries

More hiking photos...

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