Saturday, September 12, 2015

Kind of Slow, But Always Fun...

September 7, 2015

Hi there!
We had a hard week. It was pretty slow, and I am sure that we are working hard. I've prayed to know how I can work harder. We only taught 9 lessons this week. I wasn't in my area for two of the days, because of exchanges and MLC (missionary leadership council). But Sister Roberts and Turner were in the area, and I know that they worked hard! We will have a better week this week! We track their progress on progress records and other records. To count a lesson as a lesson there needs to be: opening and closing prayers, a principle taught from Preach My Gospel, and a commitment.

Being companions with Sister Turner just makes everything so much fun. When it is hot, the work is slow, and you feel like you aren't doing anything, but we still laugh and have a blast.

Okay, Sister Turner is amazing. She makes training easy! She knows how to teach! She loves the gospel! She has such a strong desire to work, AND she is amazing with kids. Oh, how they love her. I just feel like I need to get down to their level more, be more silly, and probably loosen up.
I've also been thinking about how I can become more converted to the Lord, love the work even more and see more success in my area! Maybe I just need to be patient, I'm not sure. But we will see success, as we continue to work hard with all of our heart, might, mind, and strength. 2 Ne 31:20, "Feast upon the word!" The Church is true! If you aren't happy, change it. Live the gospel and love the Lord. John 14:15.
I'm pretty sure that I keep using the same scriptures. That's okay. The scriptures are great!!!!!

-Sister Cozzens
Missionary Leadership Council

Sisters Turner and Cozzens

Beautiful Sister Missionaries: Roberts, Turner,
Da Silva and Cozzens

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