Thursday, June 25, 2015

Follow the Prophets!!!


We had a great week! Though I try to make every week great! I need to live it up! I'm only on a single person mission once!
We went to the temple this week! I love the temple!!!!!!
We taught an investigator, Anthony, twice this week! He seems to be really interested, by how he acts while we teach. He was doubting the prophet and so we told him to pray about it. After the lesson, that night, he texted us and bore testimony of prophets! He prayed! And Heavenly Father answered his prayer! When you pray with intent, and of course according to God's will, he will answer your prayers!
In Relief Society yesterday, we were talking about prophets and why it is so important to follow the prophet. She handed out assignments for us to share something and my companera and I decided to talk about sustaining our leaders. First of all, prophets receive revelation directly from God (our Eternal Father in Heaven) to lead all of God's children on the earth. We need guidance from our Heavenly Father to live on this earth! The things that they are telling us are directly from God. Not only should we listen to what they say, we need to sustain them. Sustaining doesn't only mean raising your hand. It is showing that you are willing to follow and do what they are instructing us to do. Our lives will be more in harmony with Christ, we will be happy. I promise all of you, that if you regularly listen to the leaders of the church and act upon the things they are telling us, you will find peace in your life. Only through Christ can we find true happiness, guidance, peace, and love.
-Sister Cozzens :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Elder Nielson, Pitbulls and Exchanges

June 15, 2015

Hi there!
So a week ago Elder Nielson, from the 70 (he spoke in general conference :Waiting for the Prodigal), came on Tuesday last week, and we got to spend all day with him! What a fantastic day! The Spirit was so strong, and it was awesome meeting him and talking with him. Did you know that he lives in North Salt Lake? He is in the Parkway Stake! It is next to ours, I believe, maybe. There are too many Mormons in Utah. :) It was so cool seeing a leader of the Church and just hearing him speak. Christ's Church really has been restored, and it is being led by a prophet and His apostles. When Elder Nielson was first called into the seventy, his office was between Elder Holland and Elder Christofferson of the 12. Can you even imagine?? But yeah, it was a great day.

I went on my first exchange this last Friday, with Sister Springer! She is so great and funny! Highlight: While we were biking to an appointment a huge, mean pit bull started chasing me. He was growling and barking, and I was yelling, as I kept biking. I kept yelling at Sister Springer to go faster (though she didn't). It's mouth kept brushing my leg, and so I had slobber on my leg (gross). I would pick my leg up and put it on the other side of the bike, so he began chasing Sister Springer and then when I would put my leg back, he would come back to me. What a dummy. He eventually got tired and ran away. But there were people on either side of the street. I am sure that they were laughing their heads off. I would be laughing too. A couple of girls, in skirts, biking, one of them yelling to go faster... Man what a crazy experience! I am sure that the owner was just down the street letting that thing go loose. DON'T WORRY, I AM FINE. My pride was damaged a bit though.
We picked up 7 new investigators last week! One was a family! We were having a tough week and a half with no progress, though we were working hard. But Heavenly Father decided to bless us with a miracle family! They accepted baptism for July 12th! 
I love teaching people! Being a missionary is great! I encourage everyone to go! There is so much to learn, and I know that I needed this in my life for my future. Missions really do open your eyes to how important the gospel really is. The gospel should be your whole focus!
Christ lives and loves each of you. Read and study The Book of Mormon. Sometimes, Sister Sterner holds one up to the window, as we drive around, and tries to get people to look at it! The Church is true! Heed the promptings of the Holy Ghost. Those promptings are from our Heavenly Father, why not be obedient to those promptings? They are for our benefit, maybe for someone else's too! Planting seeds!
Have a great week! Make good choices!
-Sister Cozzens

Elder Foster, Elder Dexter, Sister Sterner, Sister Cozzens, Elder Thompson

Sister Sterner and Sister Cozzens

  Smoked bratwurst cooked by our homeshare family

On an exchange with Sister Springer

 "Look how blond my hair is in comparison to my eyebrows!"

Monday, June 8, 2015


Hi! Sister Cozzens here!

This last week was slower, but it got better towards the end of the week! 
Michael, one of my favorite people to teach, accepted to pray about getting baptized on the 27th! He has a concern with tithing, and he always has (he's been taught for years). We promised him that as he prepares for baptism, his concern for tithing will go away! He knows that the church is true! He said it himself! The Spirit is always so strong whenever we teach him. He is an amazing guy, and he just needs to commit! There are so many blessings waiting for him! 
Sister Sterner is so awesome! I don't know why we weren't friends before the mission! She is a great teacher and we are always laughing. I am excited to keep learning from her! 
Tomorrow, Elder Nielson from the 70 is coming! I get to spend all day with him! Sister Sterner says that we are in for some hard core repentance.... Haha, but repentance means change! And I want to be the best that I can be! 
Keep working hard! Be obedient! Why not be obedient? The most important thing is to obey God's commandments. He is in charge, he has set the rules and the path. Why wouldn't you want to be happy? The only way you can is through the Gospel! The Church is true! Christ lives! And missionary work is the best!
-Sister Cozzens
 Sister Sterner and I in the ghetto of Eastvale

Sister Training Leader - Letter to Parents

3 June 2015

Dear Brother and Sister Cozzens,

It is indeed an honor to advise you that your daughter, Sister Cozzens, has been assigned to serve on the Mission Leadership Council as Sister Training Leader for the California Riverside Mission. Her achievements during her mission have identified her as an outstanding young leader and will mark her for further leadership in the Lord's Kingdom. You can certainly be proud of all that she has achieved during her missionary service.

May I personally thank you for providing such excellent training and preparation for your daughter. I would deem it a privilege to have the opportunity to meet you sometime in the future and express my gratitude for all that you have done to prepare such an outstanding young woman.

May the Lord's richest blessings be yours as you continue your support of the Lord's work.


John H. Mullen
President California Riverside Mission

Monday, June 1, 2015

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Happy Monday! I used to hate Monday's before the mish. Now I love them. I guess it is because I wake up at 6:30 every morning. Take advantage of the time that you get to sleep in and take naps!
So Sister Roberts (my MTC companion) was with me this last week. She is just fabulous, and I love her so much. We had a blast! When you work hard and keep working hard, God gives you miracles.

I remember last week, I was telling you that our numbers were low, but we kept working harder last week! And BAM!! We got our member present, 5 people came to church, we picked up 2 new investigators.... Woohoo! I love Heavenly Father, and it was all according to his plan and his time! I just had to keep working hard, and I would eventually see results and blessings! Don't EVER give up hope, KEEP GOING.

We didn't think that 4 of our investigators were coming. We set up a ride for them, but he never went to actually get them.... Awkward. So we sent them a text and asked if they were coming (they are a family). They sent us a text back and told us that they were busy, and so that made us a little upset, because if your investigators don't come to church four weeks in a row, then you should drop them (of course listening to the Spirit). But it is just a sign that they aren't progressing or wanting to progress. During sacrament, both Sister Roberts and I were praying to find those that are ready to hear the Gospel. We need to help further the work. After sacrament, the Bishop ran up to us (literally kind of sped walked/jogged) and said "your investigators are here!" I was like: "WHAT?!" Sister Roberts and I turned around, as the Bishop went back to introduce himself, and there they were! All four of them! It was a miracle. A sign that we shouldn't drop them. I know that as we keep working with them, helping them improve their lives, they will eventually enter the waters of baptism.

We also picked up someone last night who is so humble, looking for a church, and seems ready!
We also got a referral who is apparently "golden." We are excited to teach him! The work is moving forward, and it is fantastic!

WE GOT TRANSFER CALLS!! I was called to be an STL!!! (which is a sister training leader, I will be going on exchanges with other sisters in the mission and training them.) I am so not ready for this! I am staying in Eastvale! My companion's name is Sister Sterner! She, Elder Murray, and I all went to Woods Cross! We all graduated the same year too! I am excited to be her companion and learn and grow from this upcoming experience! It is crazy!

The church is true! You need to have patience with yourself, with God, and with everyone around you. Keep working hard, and you will see miracles and blessings! 3 Nephi 13:33; 14:7; 15:9.
Also, read 3 Ne 15:24. Do all that you can so that the Lord can call you his sheep. Take part of the "numbered among those."

Jesus Christ is our Savior. You need Him in your life. Through Him, we can become stronger, better, and closer to our loving Heavenly Father. We are all God's children, and He wants all of us to be numbered! Make the right choices! Live the way Heavenly Father commands us to live, so that we may keep the Holy Ghost with us at all times and in all places.

Until next week,
Sister Cozzens
Sister Anderson, my zone, and President and Sister Mullens

 Sister Roberts and my zone