Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Elder Nielson, Pitbulls and Exchanges

June 15, 2015

Hi there!
So a week ago Elder Nielson, from the 70 (he spoke in general conference :Waiting for the Prodigal), came on Tuesday last week, and we got to spend all day with him! What a fantastic day! The Spirit was so strong, and it was awesome meeting him and talking with him. Did you know that he lives in North Salt Lake? He is in the Parkway Stake! It is next to ours, I believe, maybe. There are too many Mormons in Utah. :) It was so cool seeing a leader of the Church and just hearing him speak. Christ's Church really has been restored, and it is being led by a prophet and His apostles. When Elder Nielson was first called into the seventy, his office was between Elder Holland and Elder Christofferson of the 12. Can you even imagine?? But yeah, it was a great day.

I went on my first exchange this last Friday, with Sister Springer! She is so great and funny! Highlight: While we were biking to an appointment a huge, mean pit bull started chasing me. He was growling and barking, and I was yelling, as I kept biking. I kept yelling at Sister Springer to go faster (though she didn't). It's mouth kept brushing my leg, and so I had slobber on my leg (gross). I would pick my leg up and put it on the other side of the bike, so he began chasing Sister Springer and then when I would put my leg back, he would come back to me. What a dummy. He eventually got tired and ran away. But there were people on either side of the street. I am sure that they were laughing their heads off. I would be laughing too. A couple of girls, in skirts, biking, one of them yelling to go faster... Man what a crazy experience! I am sure that the owner was just down the street letting that thing go loose. DON'T WORRY, I AM FINE. My pride was damaged a bit though.
We picked up 7 new investigators last week! One was a family! We were having a tough week and a half with no progress, though we were working hard. But Heavenly Father decided to bless us with a miracle family! They accepted baptism for July 12th! 
I love teaching people! Being a missionary is great! I encourage everyone to go! There is so much to learn, and I know that I needed this in my life for my future. Missions really do open your eyes to how important the gospel really is. The gospel should be your whole focus!
Christ lives and loves each of you. Read and study The Book of Mormon. Sometimes, Sister Sterner holds one up to the window, as we drive around, and tries to get people to look at it! The Church is true! Heed the promptings of the Holy Ghost. Those promptings are from our Heavenly Father, why not be obedient to those promptings? They are for our benefit, maybe for someone else's too! Planting seeds!
Have a great week! Make good choices!
-Sister Cozzens

Elder Foster, Elder Dexter, Sister Sterner, Sister Cozzens, Elder Thompson

Sister Sterner and Sister Cozzens

  Smoked bratwurst cooked by our homeshare family

On an exchange with Sister Springer

 "Look how blond my hair is in comparison to my eyebrows!"

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