Thursday, June 25, 2015

Follow the Prophets!!!


We had a great week! Though I try to make every week great! I need to live it up! I'm only on a single person mission once!
We went to the temple this week! I love the temple!!!!!!
We taught an investigator, Anthony, twice this week! He seems to be really interested, by how he acts while we teach. He was doubting the prophet and so we told him to pray about it. After the lesson, that night, he texted us and bore testimony of prophets! He prayed! And Heavenly Father answered his prayer! When you pray with intent, and of course according to God's will, he will answer your prayers!
In Relief Society yesterday, we were talking about prophets and why it is so important to follow the prophet. She handed out assignments for us to share something and my companera and I decided to talk about sustaining our leaders. First of all, prophets receive revelation directly from God (our Eternal Father in Heaven) to lead all of God's children on the earth. We need guidance from our Heavenly Father to live on this earth! The things that they are telling us are directly from God. Not only should we listen to what they say, we need to sustain them. Sustaining doesn't only mean raising your hand. It is showing that you are willing to follow and do what they are instructing us to do. Our lives will be more in harmony with Christ, we will be happy. I promise all of you, that if you regularly listen to the leaders of the church and act upon the things they are telling us, you will find peace in your life. Only through Christ can we find true happiness, guidance, peace, and love.
-Sister Cozzens :)

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