Thursday, July 2, 2015

Bee stings, exchanges and a mini missionary

June 29, 2015

Another week has flown by! It is going by too fast! We went on two exchanges this week! And we had a mini missionary with us! I also got stung by a bee..... On my finger! It has been forever since that has happened! But I am okay! It swelled up and the pain started spreading towards my knuckle. A few minutes later the pain slowly stopped and the next day, nothing was wrong! I can still see the small hole though.. But I promise that I will live, don't worry mom.
We picked up a new investigator, who we have been trying to teach for a few weeks. We finally got him! His name is Darion! And he is so prepared by the Lord! We shared the #becausehelives video with him and asked him when we could come back, he said the next day! We taught him the restoration and he was really interested! I invited him to be baptized and before I could finish my sentence, he said "I've been wanting to get baptized!" He has a goal of July 26th, though he could do sooner! He came to church on Sunday, and loved it. He said that our ward felt like family. He told us that his family (who are catholic) were telling him not to go. He came anyway, and he told us that we all act for ourselves. It's true!

Heavenly Father sent us a miracle--Darion and that is because we kept working hard. We were also guided to go visit him, and Darion really needed us at the time that we came to him.

I love teaching Jesus Christ's gospel! And we need to spread it as much as we can! #Spreadthegospel
Endure to the end. If we endure, we will receive eternal life. 2 Nephi 31:20. So do it! We are here on the earth to prepare to meet God, as well as gaining experience and strength (by overcoming our trials). If that is our purpose, why are we not doing everything to meet our Heavenly Father clean and ready to enter the Celestial Kingdom. The Celestial Kingdom is heaven. That is where God lives. Earth life is not long at all on God's time, so we should do all that we can to be able to say to him: "I am prepared, and I did everything that thou asked of me." We are not perfect. None of us are. Life is so hard, that is why our Heavenly Father sent his Son to atone for us, so that we can live with him again.
I invite you to pray and ask Heavenly Father for strength. Just like Nephi does in the Book of Mormon, 1 Ne 7:17. He asks Heavenly Father to give him strength, so that he may be able to break the cords. He didn't ask God to change his circumstances, but to be given strength so that he can change his own circumstances. (Notes from a talk by Elder Bednar)

-Sister Cozzens

Mini-missionary with Sister Sterner and Cozzens

The neighbor buddy, Penelope. Quote Sister Cozzens:
"She is the sweetest dog. We feed her sometimes and
give her water. She is so cute!"

Sister Sterner and Sister Cozzens

Exchange #1: Sister Bjork(on the left) and Sister Cozzens'
mini-missionary (on the right.) They made brunch.

Exchange #2: Sisters Palmer, Sterner, Garlitz,
Stevenson, and Cozzens

A beautiful California Sunset!

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