Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Happy 4th!

July 6, 2015
Hi there! 
This is Sister Cozzens in the California Riverside Mission! We had a slower week.... It was quote: "There are highs and then there are lows" -Sister Sterner. It was a lower kind of week. We still worked, our investigators just weren't able to see us, and it was just weird! But I still love the mission! Don't worry! But we had to move to an apartment for the week, since the lady that we live with went to girls camp, and we can't live with her husband alone for that whole week. It was a blast! The apartment was in Riverside, and we lived with a couple of Spanish speaking sisters! 

 July 4th as missionaries is a blast! We had a pancake breakfast and a car show in the morning at a church building with our stake! And the missionaries could go if we brought an investigator. We got to go! One of our ward members picked up one of our investigators! After that was over, they could watch Meet the Mormons (missionaries couldn't stay though). But we worked during the day, moved all of our stuff from that apartment back to Norco, and then that night we went to the stake center with the missionaries in our stake and played basketball, ping pong, and chair soccer. It was so much fun!

We had a meeting, Missionary Leadership Council (MLC). The President, his wife, the AP's, all the zone leaders, and all the STL's attend. They talked about a lot of stuff. But one thing that was focused on was exact/perfect obedience. This is achieved by loving the Lord. We were asked the question "basketball or missionary work?" The real question was "Do you love the Lord?" Life is hard, there are distractions, challenges, questions, and all sorts of things. We are given commandments and guidance. The question is: Do you love the Lord? May we do all that we can to show our Heavenly Father that we do love Him and His Son. 

-Sister Cozzens

All the missionaries in the Stake celebrating July 4th

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