Monday, July 13, 2015

Transfers... :(

Hi there!

I hope that everyone is doing fantastic! We got transfer calls on Saturday! I am leaving Eastvale!!! :( I don't want to leave... I love the ward, but I know that I need to! And I love Sister Sterner. We have had a blast being together these last 6 weeks, and I will most likely not see her until my homecoming next year! But, she is an amazing missionary and an amazing example. 

I am getting transfered to Hemet! Which is the complete opposite of Eastvale. And a lot hotter. My new companion is... Sister Roberts! Haha, my MTC companion and my companion in the field for about a week! I will be an STL with Sister Olsen, though we aren't companions! She was my trainer! I will be living with Sister Olsen and her companion, so I am pretty excited! There is always something new to learn! 

We again had a slower week. Our numbers were really low this week! But, we had an investigator at church on Sunday! There were two farewells in our sacrament meeting. At the end of the meeting, the bishop asked Elder Murray and I to bare our testimonies. That was scary, haha, but the bishop felt like he needed to have us do that. Two future missionaries on their way to the MTC, and two current missionaries (one going home-Elder Murray). Missions are so important for your personal benefit and for those around you. 

I've been thinking of all the miracles that I have experienced here in Eastvale. Helping young women find comfort, teaching non-members and seeing their lives change, feeling the Spirit everyday, and having my testimony strengthen when I teach. I am beyond grateful to be here. I have never been happier in my life. I have never been as close to our Heavenly Father as I am now. Involve the gospel in your life. You will find happiness! 

-Sister Cozzens

Sisters Sterner and Cozzens

Eastvale: A deserted city.

Two amazing Sister Missionaries from NSL, Utah!

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