Thursday, September 3, 2015

My Companion is Adorable

Aug. 31, 2015
Hi again!
Another week! A busy week! I hung out with a different sister, Sister Buhler, because she is also training! We hung out from Monday-Wednesday, until I got my new companion, Sister Turner! She is from Texas! She is such a great missionary and always happy! I just love her tons! When we walk and talk to people she says, "Hello, good afternoon,"  with a huge smile on her face. I can tell how much she loves the work!

Our investigator, Marc, came to church! He left early for some reason...We need to call him and ask how he's doing. We set expectations very boldly, but not overbearing, don't worry. There was love in it and the Spirit was there. He was worried that we were going to push him into baptism without being prepared, but we corrected that. He is going to be fully prepared! We are here to help prepare him after all. He's great!

I still love the mission! Probably just more! Jesus Christ is so important. He is our example. We need to develop Christ-like attributes so that "It can be well with us." (Moroni 7:47) Ask Heavenly Father for help. I promise that He will help you as you strive to become more like him. We need to develop those attributes to become like our Father in Heaven. I invite you to do so!
-Sister Cozzens

 New companion, Sister Turner.


 Temperature reading from the Sisters' car.

 Sister Cozzens made jello for breakfast,
 "Breakfast for Champions!"
 The dryer smells funny in the apartment, so the Sisters hang
all of their clothes to air dry.


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