Monday, January 26, 2015

1st Week in the Field

January 26, 2015

My companion is awesome! We get along really well! There have been 5 or more people that have told us that we look like sisters (haha get it.... sisters... as in missionaries) but they mean siblings... I kinda see it, but it is just funny.

I am on a bike! And my butt was killing me all week, last week. It's beginning to get used to it, thank goodness. I'm always sore. The area is flat, so I always have to pedal. I can't just sit there and relax while going down a little hill... but  oh well... EXERCISE!!!! We are in a really nice area. No one talks to anyone! Nobody knows their neighbors. Be grateful for the neighbors that you have.. I invited our investigator, Cameron who is 9 to be baptized!! He said yes! February 21st! We've mostly been seeking out potential investigators, and it's kind of been a success. People look out their blinds and then don't open their doors. It's annoying. At least use the peep hole so that we don't see you! All the doors have them, so it's annoying. They don't even give themselves a chance to listen to our message.

We went tracting the other day and we usually stop by people outside their houses to talk to them. Tracting was a success, for one house! She (Leuanna) opened the door, and we told her that we had a message that could help bless her family, and right then and there she let us teach her. On her porch. We taught her the restoration and gave her a Book of Mormon! She said that we could follow up with her! We are planning on visiting her on Tuesday. The same thing happened with another guy in a trailer park and let me tell you that is a cat hang out. Everyone has cats and their cats have cats. I'll send you a picture where you'll have to count all the cats. (They're only ten)  but still!!! They're like a herd of cats, kind of like guard dogs, but cats... Mom would hate it. ANYWAY back to William, we taught him the restoration. He was a potential investigator, now an investigator. They gave him a Book of Mormon about 4 months ago, but whenever they would go back, his girlfriend would tell them to leave. She gave us the meanest look, but idk why. We are just trying to bring God's children closer to Christ! He also said that we could meet up with him again this week!

I live in a homeshare with a couple in their 50s, Heidi and Scott, they are kinda crazy and very expressive, but they are just awesome. My bed kinda sucks.... we need to flip it sometime. At least I have a bed though! I am being fed very well.... I love food. It is a good thing that we are on bikes... but I still need to control how much I eat.

So, I'm not sure if you connected this, but Sister Pope, Elder Murray (my age from high school and in orchestra, played the viola) and I are all in the same zone. We keep forgetting to take a picture. We actually played ultimate frisby with our zone this morning! It was lots of fun! And then my companion, Sister Olsen, and Sister Pope and her companion all went to Chick-fil-a this morning.... It was delicious. :) Sister Pope and I are actually going to go on exchanges together this next week! I am excited! I love you and miss you! How is the family??
-Sister Cozzens

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