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February 2, 2015

Dear Familia,

I failed to bare my testimony in my email.  I was writing another email, baring my testimony, when the computer logged me off.  We go to a library, hence limited time.)  And I just said oh well, I can wait until next week!  But false!  My testimony is important!  And one of the most important things!

The mission (only 3 weeks) has definitely enhanced my testimony.  A man asked how I was converted into the church, meaning what is my conversion story.  NOW for those of you who think that conversion is only for non-members, think again.  There are members of the church who don’t have testimonies in the gospel.  I remember praying several times, when I was younger, to ask if the church was true. I felt stupid asking, because it was kind of a ‘duh’ moment.  I always have known it was true.  I just didn’t have a super strong testimony in it.  I never needed to pray to ask if it was true, I just needed to put forth the effort to strengthen my testimony ( i.e. prayer and scripture study).  Don’t just read them…yes, there are wonderful stories in the scriptures, but it’s pointless to just read them.  Study them, learn from them, apply them to your life.  The scriptures are God’s word given to us.  Words from His mouth.  I just received revelation.  Like right this moment!  Think about when you are sitting in a spiritual setting (church, seminary) and you think of something (revelation)... you should write it down.  Revelation is given to us from God.  Think about that.

I think that the words written by Nephi, Helaman, Alma, and the other authors of the Book of Mormon were consistently receiving revelation from God as they were writing.  Back to personal revelation.  Why would it be important to receive revelation??  The revelation and promptings by the Holy Ghost are from God.  Lehi received revelation to send Nephi and his brothers back to Jerusalem, 1 Nephi 3:7.  God commanded them to go.  So, wouldn’t our personal revelation and promptings be like little personal commandments from God?  I was prompted to serve a mission (hint: commanded more like).  But these “commandments” or “promptings” or “revelations” are part of the plan that God has for each of us.  I think that is so important.  What would have happened if Nephi wouldn’t have gone back to Jerusalem to get the plates?  Or Samuel the Lamanite didn’t go back and preach to the Nephites,  Helaman 12:3, Helaman 16:1.  Samuel saved so many lives from destruction.  Nephi brought those plates back.  It was all their choice, whether or not to obey those promptings.  The prompting that we receive could just affect only our lives, but it could affect many others as well (i.e…my mission).  Heavenly Father has a plan for each of us.  I know that He lives.  The Holy Ghost plays the biggest role in our personal conversion and God’s other children.  I pray that we may always follow a prompting given to us by the Holy Ghost.

Why not follow a prompting given to us from God?  Who cares if it is embarrassing for us, different, or even weird.  This is God’s plan.  His plan and we need to follow it.

I Love you.  I invite you to study, actually study and discuss the words in the Book of Mormon.  Stay Strong!  God is on our side as long as we do right!

Sister Cozzens

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