Sunday, February 22, 2015

President's Day

February 16, 2015

Hey There!

So President’s Day (p-day) ha ha…  I’m so clever.  Anyway, the library is closed today, so no emailing today!  We could do it tomorrow, but the library is in Norco (where we live, like 15 minutes away from the area) and we have a lot of appointments this week, so no time!  I apologize if I worried you at all!  I am OKAY!!  I’m writing a letter for this week.

Last week, we put 3 people on date for baptism!  IT is so exciting!  It is amazing to see how much the gospel changes someone’s life and how great a desire they have to learn more!

I went on exchanges with Sister Pope (Thursday night-Friday night).  We had a sleepover!  I’m sorry mom.  It was definitely different, because she has a car in her area, but I’m on a bike in mine!  It was a nice change though, and it was fun to spend time with her!  I just love her!  We got the whole day to catch up and ‘hang out’.  But we also did work!  Heavenly Father gives us miracles everyday, and it is so cool to see his hand in my life as well as the investigator’s lives.

This week, I have also understood how important members are in the work.  They play a huge role in the investigator’s conversion.  It’s the fellowship, friendship, and the knowledge they have that add to the lessons that much more!  They also invite the spirit and touch the hearts of the people so much more than we can.

Yesterday, some Elders in our district were holding a baptism for a family that they have been teaching. We were invited to go, and we were asked to teach them the restoration.  But when we walked into the building, there was a happy, calm spirit there.  When we saw the family dressed in white…I can’t describe the spirit and the feelings felt.  It was an amazing experience. It just bore witness to me how happy Heavenly Father is when his children obey his commandments and make covenants with him through baptism.

I know that Heavenly Father is our eternal father in heaven.  He watches over us and guides us in the right direction.  That direction is Jesus Christ’s gospel and all the small aspects within it.  I know that he wants us to obey his commandments and make and keep sacred covenants with him.  I love him, and I love his son’s gospel.  Jesus Christ’s gospel has been restored to its fullness today and Joseph Smith played a key role in the restoration of his gospel, through the priesthood power given to him by God.  Jesus Christ lives.  His gospel lives and is thriving.  I love being a missionary and taking part in bringing God’s children unto him.  The work is amazing, and it has only been 3 weeks.

Make good choices everyone!

Sister Cozzens

Sister Cozzzens and Sister Olsen

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