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April 13, 2015

Hi there, :)

There is another cold going around, and Sister Olsen and I both caught it! It's okay, it's not affecting our work! No worries!
Matthew, the twelve year old is still working towards getting baptized on the 19th! He is so cool. His reading comprehension is amazing. He is so ready to get baptized, and I am excited for Sunday!
This amazing experience just happened, here at the library. Right now actually. This lady we've seen before here, who is excommunicated I think, just had a break down. She doesn't have any money and she needed to ride the bus. The bus driver called the man in charge, and the guy said that she couldn't have a ride, so she got off. He drove a few feet and then stopped, opened the doors and said "Get on, don't tell anyone." He then bore his testimony of faith and how you need to keep working at it. She said that it was an answer to her prayers and that she really needed to hear that. God answers our prayers! I testify to you that he answers prayers as long as you are living worthily and are praying with real intent. (intent: willing to act on the answer that you receive).
Read the Book of Mormon! I was reading in Ether 3 yesterday, and it is amazing how Christ showed himself to the brother of Jared. In verse 20, "Having this perfect knowledge of God, he could not be kept from within the veil; therefore he saw Jesus; and he did minister unto him." How would someone obtain that perfect knowledge? Isn't that just amazing! I love the teachings from the Book of Mormon. I am grateful for Joseph Smith.
Our lesson in relief society was on Joseph Smith. The teacher said that the thing that she learned from studying the lesson was to remember. Remember that Joseph Smith REALLY did restore Christ's church to the earth. The priesthood authority has been restored. Joseph Smith was called to be a prophet. He translated the Book of Mormon. If we remember these things, what should we do about it? Our whole purpose on earth (the plan of salvation) is to return to God. And everything that he has given us is to help us get there. There are millions who don't even have the knowledge that we have. Christ's church has been restored. They need to come into the fold. #spreadthetruth #ChristLives
And I promise you that if you spread this message, you will have the spirit in your life. You will be happy. #everymemberamissionary
-Sister Cozzens

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