Tuesday, November 10, 2015

It's Cold in California

November 9, 2015

Hi all!

So, when California gets cold, like 50s-60s, this is what happens.

I am stealing something from Sister Turner's group email: We ate an entire loaf of French bread one day this week for dinner. We also had some good soup. I know my mom is going to chastise me for doing that.

A peacock got into our apartment complex. I went on exchanges with Sister Ogden--->great missionary that one.  

We taught an investigator, Mandy, and we were following up on how her prayers were going. She told us that when she does pray, she can see  her day a whole lot better. Like the glass half full rather than half empty. She said that the situations don't change, she still has challenges, but she is just happier and more laid back.

Janet came to church! We are seeing progress in her! She accepted a baptismal date for January 17th! We need to help her reach that day, but it is up to her as well.

Our mission president is working on getting the missionaries to be ON FIRE. That is something that was discussed at MLC this last week. We (as the leadership in the mission) are trying to help our missionaries be enthusiastic about missionary work and to help them do all they can to achieve and fulfill their purpose.

I hope that we all can think about our purpose on earth. What is most important? Are we excited to go out in the world and be disciples of Jesus Christ?

He is our example and our Savior!
-Sister Cozzens

From Sister Turner's Blog: "We did a few hours of service this week. There's a park in the middle of Hemet that they cover in flags for Veteran's Day. We set up the flags alongside a JROTC group, a biker gang, and people from the city government. Every flag we set up represented a fallen soldier. There were over 2,000 flags. It was kind of hallowing, and the bikers reminded the group every so often that each flag we handled represented a life,and that we needed to be treating them with nothing but respect."

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