Saturday, November 28, 2015


November 23, 2015

Hey all y'all!!

Sister Garlitz and I had an awesome week! We are on FIRE! I am back in rich country, Woot Woot! No need to worry about my safety. ;) No more wee Hemet. :( It is still hard not being around the missionaries in Hemet. Hemet is heaven. I saw Sister Da Silva today, and she told me that it was really hard for her to, when she left. Hemet is just so much fun, and it is really hard to leave. It'll take time to get used to it. I miss it, but I am excited to be here! We have an awesome ward. They are so cool and so fun, and I am super excited to continue to get to know them better. We had a great week last week!

The apartment was clean and so was the car. Just not organized...I was more stressed about cleaning the apartment than the work. The work wasn't very stressful at all. The apartment is in order now, though, so it's all good.

We were walking this week, and we didn't bring the map with us, and so we got lost... a couple of times.

Being with Sister Garlitz is an answer to my prayers. We are working so hard together, and we just want to keep working harder. She is an awesome missionary, and I am excited to see where this transfer goes! Woot woot!

We picked up 4 new investigators. One of them is Jewish, and he has a lot of questions, but he agreed to read The Book of Mormon! I know that the Book of Mormon can help him resolve his concerns.

When we were walking this week, we stopped and talked to this UPS driver. We gave him our card with our number not really expecting anything, and the next day, he called us and told us that he wanted to learn more!

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Give thanks continually to our Father in Heaven! He has given us everything. When we are grateful and recognize the blessings that the Lord has blessed us with, it really is humbling. We also strengthen our relationship with Him.

Have a great week!

-Sister Cozzens

Sister Cozzens and her STL companion, 

Hermana Rasmussen, decided to dress alike for 

their meeting!

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