Sunday, November 22, 2015

Transfers are on Fire!!!

November 16, 2015


Sister Turner is training!!! So she is getting her own daughter and I am getting a grand-daughter! She is an amazing missionary, and I am so proud of her. She is going to do so good. She is so obedient, and I am so grateful for her example to me.

The Sisters found a giant Christmas tree in the closet
and were excited to put it up and decorate it!

So I am being transferred... :(  I am leaving Hemet, which I don't want to, but I am also excited to serve in RIVERSIDE (the Canyon Crest Ward)!!!!!! So on my mission, in the California Riverside Mission, I am going to be serving in Riverside!! My companion's name is Sister Garlitz, and we went on exchanges with one another a few months ago.  I'll send a picture from the past to you guys.

I know that we are being put together for a reason. It is inspired. I'm a little nervous for that, but it'll be fun.We are being doubled in, or being whitewashed. Neither of us know the area.... and we are replacing Elders. We are moving into their apartment and their I hope that they've cleaned. I haven't seen it yet, and guess whose area I am being doubled into??? Elder Michael Thompson!!! But we are going to be the first Sisters in the ward, I think, and Sisters are the best! I was actually praying to be doubled in for the challenge and fun!!

I am super sad that I am leaving Hemet and the Valle Vista Ward. I love this ward and city so much, and I never wanted to leave. I was laying on the floor next to Sisters Turner, Roberts, and Ogden just crying last night. I really love this area and I have enjoyed my time here. I am also sad that I won't be with Sister Roberts (MTC companion) for Christmas. We wanted to introduce each other to our parents. I also love the missionaries here. So sad...:( I'll be okay eventually. :) When I was crying last night, I was thinking of how much worse it is going to be when I have to go home. I don't ever want to leave. I want to see my family, but I never want to stop being a missionary!

There were a few days this week where I was just happy, at peace and just happy. I was trying my hardest to be on fire!! I love having the Spirit with me always. The gift of the Holy Ghost literally is the best gift that our Father in Heaven has given us. All we have to do is be obedient.

We were actually teaching about the Holy Ghost to a family in our ward at dinner this last week. The mom said that having the Spirit is the best thing to have with you, and I agree!

Here are a few of my favorite people in Hemet. I love a lot more, this is just a few!

-Sister Cozzens
"Adventure is out there!!" -UP

Side note: These two photos were sent with a text on Sunday, November 15, from a Sister in the Valle Vista Ward, where Sister Cozzens has been serving. The text said: "That is your daughter who we love so much. She is incredible, she's being transferred, so we are going to miss her. Thank you for sharing her with us in the Riverside Mission! She's so amazing, and Sister Turner whom she trained is now going to train a new Sister. You have a lot to be proud of, and I mean that in a good way, not prideful. She really is awesome."

Brother and Sister Jones, Ward Mission Leader

Sisters Turner, Cozzens, Roberts, and Ogden, with 
Sister Jones (Valle Vista Ward Mission Leader's wife)

It's all about happiness and tired feet! :)

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