Monday, March 9, 2015

Finding, Teaching, is a challenge!

March 9, 2015

Hey guys,
It has officially been 6 weeks, and now it is transfer time. But since I am training, Sister Olsen and I have another 6 weeks together! I am not complaining though! She is great!

It was a tough week... Most of our appointments cancelled on us, but we did our best to keep busy! We had one man come to church! His name is Mike and he is a really funny guy. He says "I've been Catholic all of my life so don't get your hopes up and think I'm going to switch." We'll see what happens... :) He has served a mission in Europe, and he has read so many bibles. I would say most of them, but that would be hard (there are a lot). He loves reading things. He told us that he has been reading from the Book of Mormon!!! It is so exciting!! He said that "the Book of Mormon is answering questions I didn't know that I had." The Holy Ghost does that to you! The Book of Mormon is the word of God and it will change your life!

There was a talk given by Elder Holland about missions, and he said that if you convert yourself that is important too. If all you do in convert yourself on your mission, then great! And I know that I am converting myself! My goal is to convert as many as I can (according to God's will) but I am so happy that I am learning so much about the gospel and how important it is to have in your life! 
D&C 50:40-46

I love you all tons!!!!!!!! I miss you too! I won't be gone for that long! But I need to take this time and give it to the Lord. I am taking part in gathering Israel. These are the last days and people need to be brought to the knowledge that Christ's gospel has been restored to it's fullness. The church is true!!!!!
-Sister Cozzens 

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