Monday, March 30, 2015

New Week

Hey y'all!

New week! We picked up another investigator (his name is Mike too). He is a former investigator but we are excited to teach him! Mike and Mike both came to church yesterday!
You'll be proud that I like asparagus... as long as it has seasoning on it! But it is pretty good! I also ate some salmon... And it was good too! I have to eat what they feed me, but there was no gagging at all. Be proud family!

A video came out on Friday! #BecauseHeLives. Go check it out! or or Facebook! It is an amazing video! It is specifically for Easter, but the message is wonderful. It is 2 minutes and 27 seconds long. I feel the Spirit every time that I watch it! So watch it right now! Also! Think of someone (or multiple someones) to share it with. Then ask them if they would be interested in meeting with missionaries to watch a few other missionaries! This is the latter-days! The gathering of Israel is at hand, and we need to spread the word to as many as we can! Helaman 10:4 ---> don't be afraid!
In Relief Society on Sunday, some of the ladies are going to Salt Lake to watch General Conference. They are so excited, and they were talking about how amazing it is to be surrounded by so many Mormons. I thought... wow... It's normal to be around so many. They brought up how amazing it is to be around so many, because we all share a testimony that Christ's gospel has been restored through a living prophet. And isn't that amazing?? There are so many people who do know about the restoration and who do live the teachings of the gospel, and they are around you every day! It was an eye opener.
I know that Christ died for us, and I also know that he was resurrected. He overcame both physical and spiritual death for all of us. I love him. Just like the video says: "Find him." Through prayer, scripture study, and attending church! (and keeping the commandments) You'll find that by doing all of these things, you are free. Don't get trapped in Satan's grasp, and if you are, get out of there! Stay on the path and hold strong to the rod!
Don't forget to share that video with someone!
-Sister Cozzens
Mike with Sisters Olsen and Cozens

Redland Temple

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