Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Cockroaches, Chinese & DUI checkpoints...Oh my!

Hi guys!

I never know what to title my emails.... I don't want to write like "Week 16" because then it looks like I am counting and wanting it to end. That is not the case at all! Missions are great!!! Yes, they are hard....mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally and whatever ...all you can list. They are worth it in the long run! You work hard through the hard times and even harder during the harder times. I know that I am preparing myself for my future, whether it be here in this life or in the next. We'll see!

The Hermanas gave us 13 referrals this last week! And we picked up 3 new investigators from those 13! Tonight we are meeting with a family who have 6 kids!!! Thank you hermanas!

It was awesome to talk to my family. I love them so much! Families are forever! According to the choices you make here of course. Happy Mother's Day to all the moms! You deserve that day! Kids are crazy, and you are amazing.

The church is true! Do all that you can to be obedient! If you don't see the blessings from obedient, keep being obedient! Obedience is a test of faith! Faith builds testimonies. Strengthen your faith by action! 1 Nephi 15:24.

Have a great week! God loves you! Jesus is our Savior! Don't forget it.
-Sister Cozzens

Cockroaches in our backyard and sometimes in our house............... they are disgusting.

Sister Anderson (Visa-waiter to Brazil) & Sister Cozzens

These are our Chinese students. We are teaching them to speak English,
along with my companion, and the mandrin speaking elders.
We teach on Wednesday's and Fridays!

There was a DUI checkpoint... good thing I passed!

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