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May 18, 2015

Hi there!

I am learning Portuguese! I can start a prayer and end a prayer and say: "We are grateful for," and that is about it! Legal! ---- that is a Portuguese word. You wouldn't read it in an American way. More like half Spanish and half American. Laygal! Gal as in apple a.
So Sister Roberts (my companion in the MTC) is in a trio with the STL's. When the STL's go on exchanges, Sister Roberts comes and hangs out with us! She was with us twice for two whole days this week, and we'll have her on Wednesday as well.

We biked in the rain---saving miles. We cannot lose the car. It was tons of fun!!!
Sister Anderson got her visa!!! She is shipping out on May 25th at 6 a.m. I am really sad that she is leaving. She is a great componera and she will be missed! But she needs to serve the people of Brazil!

On Saturday, we were bike contacting, and we stopped this guy. His name is Junior! He lives in Paris, California. He told us that he had told his dad that he was turning his life over to God, and then we showed up! He said that we were a blessing. He started crying as he told us some of his background. He wants to change his life so badly. We told him: "This is the direction that you need to go. Our purpose is to help you come closer to our Savior, Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father." We got his information and gave it to the Elders in the Paris area. He went to church on Sunday, and he is now on date for June 14th!

He was a miracle. I know that God puts people in our paths, who are ready to hear the gospel, who are white and ready to harvest. Talking with him really showed me how important it is to talk to everyone we see (it's not weird! okay, sometimes it can be.), because we pray for Heavenly Father to put people in our path. We need to talk to everyone, so that we can find those that are ready! If they are not ready, planting seeds!

Heavenly Father loves all of his children. He needs us to share the gospel with everyone. #planfindteachbaptize. In our mission, we baptize. The way we get people into the waters of baptism is by being obedient, listening to our mission president, following his counsel, praying with intent, and so many other things. But if you do all that you can to get people baptized, you will be blessed.

I love serving a mission. It is going by way too fast. Missions are awesome. It was the best decision that I could have ever made in my life, especially at this point. Sometimes I think: "Holy cow, I am so young!" I have learned so much. It is worth it.
Have a great week!
-Sister Cozzens
Sister Cozzens with Sister Anderson and Sister Roberts

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