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Follow Christ's Example

 July 27, 2015

Can you believe I’ve been out for 6 months? Mission life goes by way too fast. I am not counting though, no worries..
I am in Hemet! Sister Olsen and other missionaries call Hemet the Promised Land. Hemet is a humble place. We are super far from the Mission Office, about an hour away, southeast.
It is hard switching areas because 1. I don’t know the area 2. Newish companion (Sister Roberts from the MTC) 3. I miss the Eastvale Ward, the Stake, and the missionaries. But I am grateful to be here, so beyond grateful! Not just because Hemet is a baptizing area, but the people here are sooooo humble….their living conditions, the things they have, the experiences that they have had. They don’t really have direction, like those wandering in the mists of darkness.
Our investigators that were supposed to get baptized yesterday, didn't get baptized. Their dad decided last minute to not let them do it. His girlfriend was the culprit. That was a hard day :( It was so frustrating!  But it may have been an answer to our prayers (Heavenly Father has a sense of humor). Our investigator, Shimar, didn't have a testimony of the church, and that was beginning to worry him and stress him out. He now has more time to gain a testimony! He and his family are moving to San Diego this week, which is sad for us, but good for them. I’ll miss them, they are so cute, and I just don’t want to see them go! But it will be better for them there. Sister Roberts and I agree that it is a good thing that they are getting out of the girlfriend’s house. It was not a good environment. They will be closer to their own family! We just need to get in touch with the missionaries down there!
Our teaching pool is a little low... but, we are working hard. We are just being patient, and we are trying to be exactly obedient! We will have blessings soon. I know that we will. The other night Sister Roberts said: “We are on a mission. This is our full-time job. We aren’t doing anything else! We are doing this all day, every day. Our numbers should be better. There is no reason why we shouldn’t get standard every week! Let’s do that! Every week that we are together, we are going to get standard!” (Standard is the weekly mission goal: 5 member present lessons, 3 new investigators and 1 at church or 1 new investigator and 3 at church, at least 16 lessons, 7\7 asking everyone for referrals.)

Heavenly Father answers our prayers—even if it is months afterward, and He answers them in His own way. Being a good example is also super important! I’ve seen the effects of my example on others before being on a mission and during, see 3 Nephi 18:24. Christ is the only example that is the perfect example, follow His example!
See Mosiah 23:15-21. When life is great, don’t forget to keep praying, reading, going to Church (exercising your faith), and going to the temple often. When trials do come, you will be spiritually prepared.

-Sister Cozzens

(This letter was compiled from emails and a letter from Sister Cozzens to her family dated July 17, and July 27. Sister Cozzens forgot to write a long email on her p-day and ran out of time!)

Shimar, Sister Roberts and Sister Cozzens

Sister Cozzens in a shopping cart looking at garbage???
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Photo with the Mission President

Sisters Springer, Olsen, Cozzens, and Meza

Sisters Roberts and Cozzens

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