Monday, August 24, 2015

Hello Utah

August 24, 2015


So it is transfers again! That last transfer went way to fast! It keeps getting faster! The time just needs to take a break and SLOW DOWN. I am training a brand spankin' new missionary. I'm pretty excited. I get to meet her on Wednesday.

Sister Roberts and I had the opportunity to teach Seminary on Thursday morning. Be grateful that Seminary is in your school schedule and not before school...those poor kids. But, we taught about prayer. (2 Ne 32:9)

We had two people at church! It is so cool to see how much the gospel can change a person's life! It is amazing! I love the church and helping people come to the knowledge of it! It's great! :) Marc is his name! He is reading The Book of Mormon, and he really likes it. He really likes Nephi, but who wouldn't?? He started liking Nephi when he smote off Laban's head. He said: "He was just following the Lord!" He's a cool guy.

The church is true! Keep working hard and always turning to the Lord first! He can and will help you! The Atonement is pretty amazing, study about it. I challenge you!!!!!

-Sister Cozzens

Sister Cozzens with her district

Weekly planning session: "You gotta be comfortable!"

How Sister Cozzens is related to a Cozzens family
in Hemet.

Sister Roberts took a picture of Sister Cozzens praying

Sister Robert's first time at an ice cream truck 

The Sisters got free lipstick at Target

Kara Cozzens Louviere and her daughter Cindy:
Sister Cozzens 2nd and 3rd  cousin once removed

The Sisters' investigators: Marc and Becky

Sisters Olsen, Roberts, Cozzens and Meza

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