Tuesday, October 13, 2015


October 12, 2015
On Tuesday this week, we were walking around and we see this huge cloud of smoke coming from the ground a short distance away. And we were like "that's a fire!" So we sped walked over there and there was a house on fire! When we were about to the house, we saw a fire truck come, so everything was okay! The missionaries and the firemen were there to save the day. Two of the best groups of people! But we just kept walking... I don't think that there was anything that we could have done.

Another time, we were at Chipotle and there were a few cops and a doctor there! Nothing was going to go down there that day!


Sister Roberts' new companion was training at the Mission Office,
  so the Sisters were in a three-some for part of the week
Our investigator, Sarah, is still on the pathway to the gate of baptism this upcoming Sunday! In her interview with Elder Cornia, she taught him about the Atonement and gave him tips to give to other missionaries! In the words of Sister Turner, Sarah is, "One in a million bajillion!"You are all invited to attend her baptism! It is going to be fantastic! It will be at 4 o'clock. But I'm not going to give you the address.... So... Good luck. I really am excited, though. I feel truly blessed to have had Sarah fall into our arms. She was and is such a miracle and a blessing. I am so happy that I can help one of God's choice daughters enter the waters of baptism. She is so excited. I love her too. She's excited to help us teach our other investigators!

Sister Turner, Sarah (investigator), Sister Cozzens

Our other investigator, Janet, came to church for the first time! Her progress had been moving slowly, but I could see how important it is to get our investigators to church. Her fellowship is also awesome! Fellowship, church, prayer, and scripture study are essential in their conversion.

On Wednesday, we knocked on so many doors, and a lot of them didn't answer. We went through our daily and backup plans. I'll send a picture of my planner. It's great! Planners are so nice. I would go crazy without one.

Sister Cozzens' planner that she decorates for every transfer

John 21:!5 says: "Lovest thou me more than these?" Are we putting things ahead of our Savior, Jesus Christ? Is he the focal point of our lives? May we make sure that He is the center of our lives. He is, after all, the center of the Plan of Salvation. Only in and through the Atonement of Jesus Christ can we find lasting salvation.
-Sister Cozzens

"My absolute favorite picture of Jesus."
(Sister Cozzens)

Best District Leaders ever. They brought the Sisters their favorite
sodas, while they were walking their hour and half one day.


The Sisters made rice crispy treats at a members' home

Eating Japanese candy that was in Sister Turner's
care package

Orange groves in Hemet


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