Thursday, October 22, 2015

Let's Start Cars on Fire

October 19, 2015

Well hello!

I had a crazy week! So much happened. First, I wanted to boil some eggs, and I got distracted (of course) and forgot about them. Sister Roberts, Ogden, Turner, and I were all talking in the other room, when we heard this popping noise (more like a small explosion). Me, being me, I didn't really know what it was. I thought there was just a person in our home, and it wasn't a big deal to me. Sister Roberts had a very scared look on her face (no one had known that I started some eggs in the pot). Then, it hit me. I jumped up and ran to the kitchen, and I looked in the pot. I yelled to the other sisters "Guys!!! I messed up!!!!"

It was also my half way mark on Wednesday. It is so crazy that I have been out nine months. It is kind of sad, and I feel really old (mission age of course). We took some pictures (hope you like them), we went out to lunch to celebrate, I LOVE FLAUTAS.

It was 69 degrees here last night. We turned the heat on in our car! We were so cold!

We had 3 investigators at church yesterday!!!!!! And we had a baptism!! When we were filling up the font, there were a few cockroaches in there, so Sister Turner and I were going to take our shoes and socks off and go fishing for some bugs with some paper towel. But then the elders gave us a pool bug scooper thing.

I am so glad and grateful that I was able to help one of God's children enter the waters of baptism. It was a great day. After she came up out of the water, she gave this huge sigh and looked up. She told us that when she was getting ready afterward, she began sobbing. She was so happy, and she said that she felt so clean. The Spirit was so strong. I love her and I love missionary work!

Two nights ago, we were driving home from dinner and the road we were driving on wasn't very busy. The car in front of was a little distance away. We were having a fun/joking conversation in the car, and I was watching the car in front of me. This big light appeared on the car, and I was like "What is that??"-inside my head. Then the light turned orange, and it seemed like I had just jumped into an action movie. I said to the other sisters: "THAT CAR IS ON FIRE!! OH MY GOSH!" The car then pulled over, and we pulled over on a different road parallel to the road the car was parked on. Sister Roberts jumped out of the car and began yelling at the guy that had gotten out of the car that was on fire. He was in total shock, and he may have been on something as well. He was not responding. He walked away though. We were the first people to pull over. I called 911 and told them our emergency. We kept watching this car. Then the tires began to blow up. We yelled at each other, "GET IN THE CAR!!!" Now, keep in mind, that we were far enough away, but we may have been in danger. We ended up okay though. It was so crazy. Let me tell you. The firemen got there before the fire reached the gas tank and put out the fire, thank goodness. We left after that. But HOLY COW!!!!! #Hemet. It was cool, but I hope and pray that that guy was okay.

I also dropped my xoxo ring down the sink (sorry Lindsey, our friendship is still important.) I tried fishing it out with a hanger. I kind of gave up... p.s. check out my tan line in that picture!!

And that is what Hemet looks like: Shopping carts in front of peoples homes.

Have a great week! Remember what is most important!

-Sister Cozzens

Zone picture with President and Sister Mullen

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