Tuesday, February 9, 2016

It's That Time Again....

February 8, 2016

Transfers everybody!

I am staying in Canyon Crest! Thank goodness! Such a good ward! Sister Garlitz is going to my previous area, Hemet!!!! I love Hemet and she is going to be a companion to my grand-daughter!
Sister Turner is my daughter, because I trained her, and then she trained too! So the family got bigger! I am also training a new missionary! :) So it's getting even bigger! I am really excited, I love training. It'll be tough taking over the area and training, but the Lord will help me. My stripling warrior (new missionary) isn't the sister coming from Australia. She still hasn't gotten her visa yet... :/ My mission president told me that the earliest that she would get it would be the end of March. Pray for her to get her visa! :)

Something else amazing happened. When I got on the computer this morning, I saw that my recent convert, Matthew had emailed me! I haven't heard from him since June, last year! He is doing so good! Guys, the gospel changes people's lives! He loves the Book of Mormon, and he has been sharing it with his classmates too. I am so grateful for this gospel and the impact it has on people's lives. It's amazing to see the change. God is so good :)

We met with our investigator, Dakota, last Monday. He had told us that he had prayed everyday the week before and that he felt happier when he prayed. :) It is amazing to see how the impact of the small, simple, and sincere steps that we take lead us closer to God. Prayer is so simple, and yet it is such a blessing and a gift given to us to communicate with our Heavenly Father. It is actually a commandment. As we pray with sincerity of heart, we invite the Spirit into our lives. We are able to receive guidance, direction, and truth in our lives. I am so grateful for the gospel and the small and simple steps that we have been commanded to take. I know that prayer is a gift from our Heavenly Father. I know that we can receive answers to our prayers, if we pray with intent, meaning we are willing to act on the answer that we receive. Heavenly Father knows the intent of our heart. Strengthen your desire to receive guidance in your life by acting. Read God's word, pray everyday, and attend church every week. You will begin to develop a relationship with our Father and feel of His love for you daily. 

Sister Cozzens

A photo sent to us from Lisa Bell, Canyon Crest Ward
member. "We just had the pleasure of feeding your 
beautiful girls dinner. They are so sweet and such a
blessing to our ward. Thank you for sending them to us!"

Sister Springer (Sister Cozzens' mission sister) spent 
the day with her and Sister Garlitz 

The name of the ward Sister Cozzens  is 
serving in--Canyon Crest

The girl in between Sister Garlitz and Sister Cozzens 
is Sierra, a great ward member. Sister Cozzens says,
 "Go out with the missionaries!"

Sister Cozzens said: "We wanted to show off for all 
y'all in Utah who are being snowed on...It was 
85 degrees yesterday! (February 7) Heh, heh, heh."


  1. Canyon Crest was my old ward in Riverside when I lived there. Absolutely wonderful members and the best Mormons collectively I gave ever known.

  2. Canyon Crest was my old ward in Riverside when I lived there. Absolutely wonderful members and the best Mormons collectively I gave ever known.