Wednesday, February 17, 2016


February 16, 2016

Hello there!

New transfer! New companion! Sister Bedingfield from Riverton, Utah! She is fresh from the MTC, and it is awesome to have the new missionary fire in the area! We need it! Can't get stuck in the trunk. ;)

 It has been really cool to see our investigator develop a relationship with our Father in Heaven. Last week, we followed up on his Book of Mormon reading, and he hadn't done it. His progress was stopped. When we don't do the things that the Lord asks us to do, the Spirit stops. I am looking forward to meeting with him this week to help resolve his concern of reading daily. It will bless his life!!!

Our investigators have a chameleon--it wanted to climb on my head. They also fed us crab, muscles, and shrimp! My first ever experience with muscles and crab! The mussels were super slimy..... but the crab was super good, and it was fun breaking it apart.  

We are having a hard time finding smartly. We work in a tough area. I know that there are people here that are prepared, but I don't know where to find them. The Lord knows where they are! I think that they are the friends of members.

We had a great week! Our mission president has been focusing on getting everyone's numbers to go up, and just a few weeks ago, we had 0's in a few categories, and now they are going up. President Mullen is so great. I am grateful for his council and revelation.

Two of our investigators came to church! We had a regional broadcast with all of Southern California on Sunday, including Oregon, Hawaii, British Columbia, and I think there might have been a few others. It was a broadcast from Salt Lake. It was so good. I am so grateful for the leaders of the church. Elder C. Scott Grow spoke on helping us stay true to the faith. Something he said that I really liked: "Not only are you commanded to READ, PRAY, AND ATTEND CHURCH, but you are commanded to FEAST UPON THE WORD OF CHRIST, PRAY WITH ALL THE ENERGY OF HEART, (and something about church and our renewal of our covenants at church)." The Spirit was so strong during the broadcast. There is a feeling that we need to prepare for the Second Coming. We need to be true to the faith. This gospel is not passive. Everything needs to be focused on putting the Lord's Kingdom first, completely, wholeheartedly. The Lord wants all of His children to remain in His presence. I know that living the gospel standards and being obedient are so important to our salvation. I am so grateful for this gospel. Start preparing now!!

Have a wonderful week!

Love, Sister Cozzens

Sister Cozzens and Sister Bedingfield meet for the 1st time

A luncheon for the new arriving missionaries 
and their companions. Sister Cozzens is at the 
end of the line.

'New missionary' training session

Sister Cozzens received a sock monkey for 
Valentine's Day from her family


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