Wednesday, May 4, 2016

This guy that literally looks like my brother

May 2, 2016

Hello Utah and wherever you are reading this!

We kind of had a slower week. It didn't quite feel like it! But we didn't teach very many people... but we had fun! We laughed a lot, and since it was the second-to-last week of the transfer, we call it senior week! So, I had Sister Bedingfield drive! Hold onto the dashboard! Just kidding, it was fun! 

I went on an exchange with Hermana Madrid from Peru. She is so awesome! She has a cool story that happened to her on Christmas Day, when she skyped her family. For her Christmas present, she found out that her dad was getting baptized, and she was able to watch the whole service on Skype!! 

We had lunch with a less active couple on Thursday, and she began to bash Pres. Bush, and they were talking politics up the wall.. I didn't know what to do, since I'm completely out of the world and don't know what is going on. They eventually stopped, and then we were able to have a nice lesson with them about faith. Exercise your faith!

We met this guy, Jeff, that looks exactly like my older brother. It was so weird... and he was a little bashy, but we were able to go back on Saturday and sit down with him. There may be potential, he agreed to read 3 Nephi 11. We'll see how that goes on Wednesday!

Something fun that happened is our ward had a Hawaiian BBQ! Our investigator, Dakota, and his wife, a member, drove us! #savethemiles It was pretty fun!

At the BBQ: the Turleys (a cool family from the ward),
Sisters Cozzens and Bedingfield, Kristen and Dakota Wolfe

Church was so good yesterday! I am so grateful for the Spirit and the sacrament. We were sitting in an almost empty row, on the end, and you would think they wouldn't miss us, but, they did. They were beginning to line up, and I was looking around waiting for them to give us the bread and then this member, Brother Barton, leaned forward and asked if we had gotten any, and I shook my head no. I guess that I could have told them myself, but I just wasn't thinking! Then, he gave us the tray, and as I thought of it, I realized how important the sacrament is and how the Lord actually atoned not just for everyone, but specifically for me. His atonement is sufficient for all men (and women). I am so grateful for Him and for His sacrifice. I know that His church has been restored. I know that God is the same God, yesterday, today, and forever. I am so grateful that He doesn't change, and that we have the knowledge of the restored gospel and of the plan of salvation.

Teaching people (Jeff) this last week, about the restoration, opened my eyes a bit more to the fact that God has again reached out in love and called a prophet. We have the pure, plain, and precious truths, that were once distorted and changed. We have temples, the priesthood, and The Book of Mormon, and so many other things. I love the Lord, and I know that He loves me. I am His daughter and am part of a glorious plan to return to His presence. I am so excited for the second coming, and that I have the time NOW to prepare for the Lord's return. 

Love, Sister Cozzens

Hiking to Mt. Rubidoux: Sisters Cozzens, 
MuCulloch, Bedingfield and Nielson


 Smoggy photo of Riverside

We found a cool lizard!

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