Thursday, May 19, 2016

16 Months and Baptisms!!

May 16, 2016

Hello there!

First of all, Sister Haughawout is AMAZING! I stinking love her. She is from Texas and has a cute little accent! She is so funny and a great missionary. She has a powerful testimony and brings the Spirit every time she teaches. She's been out for 6 months, and likes to count down the days that I have left... :/ But it's okay! She says she's trying to prepare me for when it actually happens! uh... whatever... 

But, Sister Haughawout and her last companion, Sister Emerson, did a great job last transfer and they taught this amazing lady, Marguerite, who got baptized on Saturday! It is so amazing what the Spirit can do and how much it can change someone. She was so nervous before the baptism, but after it was over and after she was confirmed on Sunday, she was happy. The church is true!!

We have such an awesome ward! Part of my area is at least a little ghetto! Woo!! The other half is this gated area where we can't proselyte. We'll get there eventually! We can go in if we have referrals or if we have members in there. It's a pretty nice place!

Anyway, on Tuesday, we had dinner with an awesome family! They had invited a non-member friend over, Kathy. She moved to California 3 years ago from Vietnam and all of her friends are members of the church. She also taught herself English by watching the Disney Channel!! Haha, but her English is great! We taught her a lot about the plan of salvation and invited her to church on Sunday. All throughout the week, she'd go up to one of her member friend's and say how she was so excited to come, and she came! We taught her yesterday after church, and she accepted a baptism date! She loved church and said that that is how church should feel. Prepared people!!

We were seeking with faith (walking-we changed the terminology) on Thursday, and I told Sister Haughawout, "let's find investigators!" As we walked up to this house, literally right after I had said it, there was this guy, Antone, sitting in his garage, and we were able to share the #Hallelujah video with him, and he felt the spirit as he watched it! The next day, Friday, we were trying a referral on his street and as we drove passed his house, we saw him and he waved. As I looked back at him, he was flagging us down! Sister Haughawout was like "he did not just flag us down!!" I said "he totally did!" So we went back and his brother, Johnny, was sitting with him. We were able to teach them both the restoration! The Lord put so many people in our path last week, it was incredible!

I know that the Lord blesses me as I put him first. No matter what trials are going on in my life, as I put Him, His gospel, and His work first, the Lord will not only help me forget my sadness and trials, but He will lift me up and carry me, so that I am able to accomplish His purposes. This is His work. I am on a mission to serve Him. He understands all that we undergo. He is merciful, and He will comfort us through the service of others. 
Go read President Erying's talk on "Trust in That Spirit Which Leadeth to Do Good."
I love the leaders of the church! I know that their counsel is from our Heavenly Father and that they are here to lead us and guide us through our daily difficulties. The Lord loves you and as you turn to Him in your trials, through losing yourself in His work, you will not feel the anguish and pain of tribulations.

Love, Sister Cozzens

Sister Cozzens, Marguerite, Sister Emerson, Sister Haughawout

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