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The Holidays

December 28, 2015

Well hello :)

So, it was Christmas! And I cannot believe how fast it has gone by! Why does time do that...? BUT! Merry Christmas to all and have a Happy New Year! Be safe, stay off the roads, and all of that.

Transfers are also today! dudududududududd Sister Garlitz and I are staying together! YAY! But, we are also going to be adding a person to the mix, someday! I am going to train a missionary! But, she is from AUSTRALIA and she hasn't gotten her visa to come to the U.S. yet, so we don't know when that will pull through. When she does get here, I'll be training her! I am super excited and very humbled to have this opportunity to train again:). I just want her visa to go through, so she can start her mission!

Also, I am going on my 6th transfer as an STL (sister training leader)!! I love being an STL, going on exchanges with sisters around the mission, getting to know them, learning from them, and helping them out, they're great!

Thursday (last week): Christmas Eve. We spent the day visiting people and bringing cookies to our investigators and less active members in the ward. 

FHE with an investigator and family

One of our investigator's mom is a less active member of our ward. She was pushed away recently, because she was stressed with the holidays, and we were trying to meet with her and her son, when she literally had no time. She wasn't responding to us, and she wasn't coming to church. We had been keeping her in our prayers. We decided to bring her some cookies and when we went over, her heart had been softened! She was so open and kind to us, it was a miracle and definitely an example of the Lord's hand in our lives.

Friday: Christmas Day, I got to talk to my family!! :) I love them. We also had 1st and 2nd breakfast (for those Hobbit fans) with a couple of families in our ward. THIS WARD IS AMAZING. We had such a fun Christmas, and it was great to spend time with the members and focus on the real purpose of Christmas.

Christ was born, and He lives. I know that He lives. He is the Redeemer of the world. I am so grateful for Him. Live your faith. Be strong and courageous. Put off the natural man and be spiritually born of God. Enduring is the only way to make it back to our Father's presence. What are your New Year's resolutions? I want to become even more converted unto Christ. I want to represent Him in all things, always. 

Have a Happy New Year!

Sister Cozzens

Santa is falling (is she dialing 911?)

Santa at the gas station

Cookies from Grandma Jula

Christmas presents from friends and family

The missionaries playing Quidditch--fun activities 
during the holidays

Sister Cozzens with Hannah Meza, her mini-
missionary from March

Roses in December??? (Only in California!)

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