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January 25, 2016

Hey everybody!

It hasn't been rainy since that one really rainy week. It's in the 70's this week and pretty sunny! California is the best!! :)

Missionary life is going really well!! I had a great week! We are starting to see improvement and progress in our area! God is so good! He blesses us as we are exactly obedient, diligent, and exercise our faith, and many other things...

We've been hitting our goals and going over them as well! We lowered our goals, because we weren't hitting them. It was really humbling, because I want to hit higher goals. But, ever since we did that, we've started to hit them, and we slowly raise them by one every week! The Lord is blessing us!

We're working with a lot of part member families right now. The lesson that I mentioned last week, about the part member family, her husband is a non-member. We had planned on teaching the Restoration, but the Spirit told us otherwise. He doesn't have a very strong relationship with Heavenly Father, so we felt prompted to talk to him about prayer. The Spirit was so strong, his wife bore a strong testimony of the love that He has for each of us. I love teaching! :)

UPDATE: Remember the less active lady I talked about over Christmas time? Her son is the one that we are "teaching," well, we finally got to teach them, and she was really excited! Sister Garlitz (lovely girl) inspirationally asked her how her baptism helped her in her life. She bore a strong testimony that it is so much better to be actively attending chruch than to not be active. The difference is the Spirit. :) We also set a date for baptism for her son, Lake! We are super excited, and they seem excited and dedicated as well. 

I have a question for whoever reads this:

How is your missionary work going? Are you praying for missionary opportunities? Are you sharing the gospel with your non-member and less active friends? Pray and ask our Father in Heaven for help. He will help you. Study the doctrine so that when the opportunity arises, the Spirit can speak through you and touch the lives of those that you come in contact with. I promise that you will feel of His love for you as you share your testimony with others. 

#NikeitUP (just do it)

-Sister Cozzens

Sister Garlitz and Sister Cozzens

Sister Cozzens with Sister Moore

Hiking Mt. Rubidoux

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