Thursday, March 3, 2016

Are you on Fire?

February 29, 2016

Why hello Utah and whoever else reads this!

Hola! Como esta? I've been able to practice my Spanish and a little of ASL (American Sign Language) recently! My district leader is deaf, and we do service every week--there are Hispanics there, and they teach me Espanol.

ARE YOU ON FIRE? That has been something our mission president has been focusing on: Getting everyone on fire. The transition plan is: Remember him, learn and teach by the Spirit, teach repentance, and baptize converts. It's been cool to see the effect it's having on the missionaries and the work. Baptisms have really gone up since the transition plan took effect. President Mullen is great. It's cool to see the revelation he receives and the outcome. Also, the MLC (Missionary Leadership Council) helped come up with the transition plan. It's cool being a part of it! (Cool is the new word)!

My poor companion got sick this last week, just for a day and a half. She got well quickly, though! Thursday was the day we spent inside. I decided to take a nap, and I slept for two hours! Who knew that I could sleep that long! I was so tired! But it was so nice :). It was good to spend time with Sister Bedingfield, haha she is great. She is so talented! I wish we had a piano in our apartment, just so she could play, and I could listen to her. She's so good. For all y'all that are thinking about quitting a talent, don't do it.

I went on exchanges with Sister McCulloch. We are in the same district. She is amazing. I am so grateful for her example. I love her! Story time, we were walking in her area, and I was just talking and talking and all of a sudden she was saying "WOAH, WOAH," and I didn't really hear/notice because I was talking :), but then I realized why she was reacting that way. A dog was jumping almost over the wall and barking! Then, I jumped into her arms and screamed a little bit. I'm not sure if you even think that is funny, but she is still laughing and making fun of me for it. I always have "fun" experiences with dogs on exchanges. It's fine.

I struggle at being on time. I am going to master this by the end of my mission, if there even is an end. I'm just not coming home guys, it's fine! The mission is the best way to go! The sons of Mosiah were on their missions for 14 years! I guess the Lord needs me to get married and start my posterity......... We'll see. Anyway, time. I have struggled with that for my whole life (Lindsey can attest to this), but I have decided that it is going to stop!

We shared a couple of lessons with 2 families yesterday! I was so excited while teaching them, but then they both said that they were fine with where they were. We will find those golden contacts!

Are you struggling with something? Of course we all are right? It's life. But, keep in mind to start with the end in mind. Wrapping your head around a challenge always seems to be a little easier when you start with the end in mind. Keep in mind that our Heavenly Father wants all of His children to stay in His presence. He wants all of us to receive eternal life and be "swallowed up in the joy of God." Alma 27:17-18. I know that we need to be those penitent (repentant) and humble seekers of happiness. Follow the gospel, literally hold on to that rod of iron with both hands, even if the world outside is pushing against you. Defend it, follow it, love it. I love it! Jesus Christ and His restored Gospel are the way, the truth, and the life. Live it!

Love, Sister Cozzens

Sister Cozzens and Sister Bendingfield

All the sisters from the district ("they're great") 
went hiking on p-day. Sister McCulloch is 
the blonde one.

The sister missionaries with Sister Tillman. Quoting 
Sister Cozzens: "She is literally the cutest, and I 
stinking love her!"

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