Monday, June 13, 2016



My mini missionary's name is Sarah! She is great! She's 21 and is almost done with her mission papers! 

Sister Cozzens and her mini missionary, Sarah

Update on Cathy: She went to St. George for youth conference with the stake and had an amazing experience! She's given up coffee and prays every night and reads the Book of Mormon every day. She's a great example. I love her. However, her mom is very hesitant with the whole baptism thing, so we are working on her! :/ It's in the Lord's hands!!

We picked up the coolest family last week! They are the Ledbetter's, Sister Ledbetter got her leg amputated in April and is recovering from that, but she is so positive. She was telling me that she had prayed for something to change in her life and out of nowhere, her foot got an infection and began to spread up her leg, and she ended up needing to get her leg amputated. We laughed about how the Lord answers prayers in His own way, and it can be VERY unexpected. She and her family are so humble, and they are super cool. The Spirit was so strong, and I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to teach the people that God has prepared. It is such a blessing to bring so much joy into people's lives!

There is this thing called "my plan" and the church created it for missionaries going home. So, I will be participating in that every Friday, online, during my personal study....and I don't want to do it! I'm kind of freaking out about going home. School, dating, marriage, foreign.

I hope you have a great week and a great Father's Day! Also, you should all prepare for missions!

Sister Cozzens

On exchanges with 'Sista' Blanchard, Sister 
Cozzens' STL

Sister Cozzens' crazy zone

A pretty sunset

Weird things happen if you give an elder the
key to your apartment to take a bike!

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