Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Piel Moore Sticks, Cozz!

June 6, 2016

Hi there!!

So I had a crazy week, but it was good! And sad... Sister Haughawout had to go home due to migraines, keep her in your prayers! :) She left on Wednesday and from then on until today, I was with Sisters Pielstick and Moore, the STLs!!! They are so great! I stinking love them! #trioLIFE We covered both of our areas, so it was a little tough, but we had fun, and the Lord blessed us! The Sisters had exchanges back to back on Friday and Saturday, and Sister Roberts came to our areas with Sister Moore and I, so it was a nice little reunion!!! We all came into the mission together! We talked about home and made plans for after the mission, BUT! we did not get trunky! It was great! Also, I get a mini missionary today, for the last two weeks of the transfer. I'm a little nervous, taking over the area by myself, without a full time missionary, but I know that the Lord will carry us and bless us.

Sisters Moore and Pielstick

 We saw so much success in the 3 days we worked. I also got to go to MLC as a visitor, since I am not a STL, it was great. I felt a little out of place, but it was fun to be in the loop! We picked up four new investigators, in two days, and three of them are a family! Me gusta familias!! (I love families).

On their way to MLC (Missionary Leadership Council)

So, update on Cathy, she is so awesome!! She is reading the Book of Mormon and loving it. She was able to go to her boyfriend's friend's baptism! She sent me a text, after the baptism, and told me that she could not wait for her baptism! She also came to church! Her boyfriend, Jakob, is a non member and him going to the baptism planted some more seeds. He left the baptism, I'm sure, feeling the Spirit, and asking a whole bunch of questions about God and who He is and why things happen in our lives. God is so good, and it's amazing so see His hand in the work. I love Him.

Sister Cozzens with Cathy

 Well, God is good, and the word is good. 3 Nephi 17:2-3. We can't understand everything about the gospel at once. We can't read the Book of Mormon quickly and gain things from it. That is why we feast, study, ponder and prepare. Grace for grace. D&C 93:7-20. Just as the Savior received the fulness, grace for grace, so shall we, as we obey the commandments. 

Have a great week!

Love, Sister Cozzens

Sisters Roberts, Moore, and Cozzens

The Sister's 2015 Toyota Corolla, #bejealous,
got a flat tire

The missionaries went hiking on p-day...

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